Munpreet believes in the importance of conducting a transparent business.

Our goal is to be working with only traceable gemstones and gold, aligning with the industry best standards by 2020. MUNPREET procures the finest colored gemstones directly from the source. In strict contact with the suppliers, the brand monitors the journey of its materials making sure to abide with international law.

To foster transparency and to discourage unethical practices, Munpreet avoids sourcing any gemstones from conflict areas.

Munpreet respects the natural resources of our planet, and make every effort to support the communities we live with.

The brand makes its contribution to this by endeavoring to use only natural materials which are manufactured in compliance with environmental and social regulations and recycled in its packaging.

Munpreet is close to various causes such as women empowerment, education in third world countries and is available to support charities and organizations of repute. One of the charities supported by MUNPREET is Khalsa Aid, an international, UK based NGO, providing relief to victims of natural and manmade disasters around the world. The organization is based upon the Sikh principle of “Recognize the whole human race as one”. As we grow, our aim is to be able to reach out and assist other projects, with values similar to ours.