Munpreet - Heritage inspired, handcrafted fine jewellery

Munpreet Virdy | Graduate Gemologist

Munpreet designs jewellery that is edgy and powerful, yet refined and graceful. Inspired by the philosophy of her Sikh warrior roots and values from her African upbringing, each piece is a modern expression of tradition, designed to rouse confidence, intuitiveness and boldness. Her distinct, statement making pieces serve as a reminder to oneself that true power resides within.

Munpreet was born in a Sikh family in Lusaka, Zambia. Her younger years were centered around two distinctly different cultures and traditions, causing her to question her faith, belonging and identity. She studied Fine Art & Design in Europe and later in the United States. Throughout her formal education she would attempt to explore her roots through her work and while respect for her own heritage never faltered, interest waned.

Munpreets’ career in jewellery began in 2012 when she took on a part time position at a fine jeweler. This turned into a full blown obsession as the allure of gemstones had always captivated her. With keen interest Munpreet learned the essentials of handling precious gemstones and jewellery. She quickly grasped strong product knowledge. Identifying and grading precious gemstones to evaluate their authenticity, quality, and value was another task she keenly took on.

In 2015, Munpreet obtained her Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America. She later studied Gemstone treatments at Asian institute of Gemological Sciences, in Bangkok Thailand.

Formal Education in the arts and gemology, insatiable curiosity and hands on experience in the jewellery industry, prepared Munpreet to be able to meld her practical skills with the artistic flair necessary to present her story. With renewed interest and enthusiasm to explore her identity and the ornate history of her ancestors, Munpreet created a jewellery brand inspired by her Sikh roots, Zambian upbringing and multicultural experience.