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Since 17thcentury, the Sikhs have been celebrated as some of the most powerful warriors and captivating conquerors in history.

Originating in Punjab, Sikhism is a monotheistic religion. Starting in 1699, its baptized followers were required to wear five symbols of faith, known colloquially as The Five K’s: Kangha, a comb, the Kara, a steel bracelet, the Kirpan, a ceremonial sword, the Kaccha, long shorts, and Kesh, uncut hair protected by a turban. 

In response to repression of the time, martial arts combined spiritual values and an intense energy, give the Sikhs a definition of their own. 

The Sikh empire was one of the most thriving of its time, forward and modern in promoting justice and selfless service to humanity and equality amongst the sexes. Education and the arts were important and given much encouragement, thus producing some of the most stunning masterpieces of the empire. Design was ornate, bold, rich with poetic expression. 

This culture is the basis of the brand and upon which our first collection has been designed.