MUNPREET is a fine jewellery brand born from the desire to share a story. The inspiration behind the first collection comes from the celebrated history of the of the Sikh warrior heritage.

Three hundred years of fascinating history echoed through the mind of the creative director and founder Munpreet, when she started to design the first collection. Travelling and living in USA, Europe and Asia made her feel the need to rediscover her roots – the Sikh culture.

The Sikh empire was one of the most thriving of its time, pioneering modernity, promoting equality amongst the sexes and sporting an exceptional army. The Sikhs embraced and fostered diversity. Inter cultural marriage was encouraged, men and women were considered equal, the caste system was put to an end, and Foreigners, especially French and Italian were deployed into the higher ranks of the army.  

Patrons of the arts, they also produced some stunning masterpieces. The jewellery style of the time was maximalist, ornate and bold.

Honor, pride and courage, the intangible yet universal inheritances, create the connection between emotions of the past and experiences of the present.

Discover these timeless stories with our jewellery collection.