Munpreet likes to play with various combinations, to express emotions and present visual harmony in each creation.

Color, as we know, is a reflection of light.This reflection produces sensations not only on our eyes, but evokes a powerful emotional response within, making it an essential part of the human experience. As we navigate our moods in our reaction to colour, moment to moment, our preferences of the colours that captivate us as individuals, changes. This in turn influences how we choose to style ourselves.

A luscious, rich forest green is a restful to the eye, encourages composure and calm. It is also believed to bring fortune.

Deep, royal blues and violet hues are believed to inspire a connection to the higher consciousness, in many cultures.

Festive tangerine tones stimulate joy, confidence and connectedness.

Bright, bold red and vibrant pinks rouse passionate feelings of high energy and love.

In a world with a riot of vivid color, each has a story to tell.


Throughout the ages, astrology has fascinated human kind. The link between gemtones and astrology is and ancient theory. The belief is that each planet is linked to a gemstone. The planetary position at the time of a persons birth is said to influence their life path. Each planet is linked to a gemstone. The planet that is “weak” in a persons chart can be “strengthened” by wearing the gemstone assigned to that particular planet. A consultation with an astrologer can guide one in selecting gemstones that is suited to their chart.