Edgy and powerful, yet refined and graceful, our collectors pieces are
distinct, statement making creations. In theme with our philosophy of
unwavering strength, these pieces are designed to inspire confidence,
intuitiveness and style.

This ring, designed to be worn on the fore finger, shows off the side chain link, that sparkles as one moves their hand. The sword that rests atop the fingers, inspiring emotion, conveying a statement of confidence and self assurance.

For ages, rings have been worn on this finger as it was believed to represent power.

Available in Tsavorite, Ruby and Diamond.


Inspired by the striking architecture at at The Golden Temple, Amritsar, where every cusped curve, low fluted dome, and open windows a story to tell.

The 19.97ct Indicolite tourmaline sits in the center of an 18K gold pendant. Carefully selected rose to purple colored sapphires surround the top hald in pavé setting, representing the lavish ceiling on the interior of the building.

The mirror like polish on the bottom half represents the reflection of the building in the lake that surrounds it, seen upon first glance when enterring the complex.

A rhodium plated edge with studs is a reminder of the warrior heritage of the Sikhs, as well as defines the ‘window’ like shape of the entire piece.

With two studs on either side and a double edge at the top centre, an element inspired by warrior roots, the plain gold hanger boldly supports the entire piece.

A similar piece can be commissioned, with gemstones of your choice.


An 8.59ct pair of delicate mint garnets, surrounded by sumptuous round brilliant pink sapphires set in 18K gold.

The double studded, and rounded centre edge design of the hanger is derived from studs found on various shields used in battle on the Indian subcontinent.

Named after the last Sikh Queen, Jindan. Also known as “The Rebel Queen” she was described as “a seductress too rebellious to be controlled”.

These transformable earrings can be worn as shown, for a bold elegant look, or without the gemstones for an edgy, chic style.

A similar pair can be created with gemstones of your choice.