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Throughout the ages, the sword has represented justice, commitment and protection. While it has been celebrated in various cultures as a device of unequivocal strength, some elevate and honour it with a spiritual power and mental resilience. In every scenario, it is a universally recognized symbol of distinction. It is a visible sign of an intense intuition and absolute discipline. This energy of passion and vigour, sets the tone for Munpreets first collection, paying tribute to her own heritage, The Sikhs, and their sword.

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Meticulous attention to detail is given to each piece in the creation process, producing an heirloom to be carried on for generations. Each gemstone is set with precision and skill, and hand finished with the highest standard.

Natural Materials

Crafted with the finest precious metal and individually selected natural gemstones, of the finest quality.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

MUNPREET supports Khalsa Aid, an international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organization is based upon the Sikh principle of “Recognise the whole human race as one”.

Learn more here : www.khalsaaid.org